Connections District Newspaper

Connections is published periodically by the Puyallup School District as part of the communications link between the district and the community. Its purpose is to provide the school board and district staff a venue to inform community members about programs, goals, and activities of public education in the Puyallup School District.

The printed version of Connections is mailed to every household in the Puyallup School District. These online issues are provided as PDF files, which can be viewed using Adobe Reader.

For questions or comments about Connections, please contact Brian Fox, Chief Communications and Arts Officer, at (253) 841-8703, or mail to PO Box 370, Puyallup WA 98371.

Connections for the 2015-2016 School Year
August 2015 October 2015
February 2016  June 2016

Connections for the 2014-2015 School Year

August 2014 November 2014  
January 2015 April 2015
June 2015

Connections for the 2013-14 School Year

August 2013 (pdf, 2MB)

November 2013 (pdf, 1MB)

January 2014 (pdf, 4MB)

April 2014 (pdf, 2MB)

June 2014 (pdf, 1MB)

August 2014 (pdf, 2MB)




Connections for the 2012-13 School Year

August 2012 (pdf, 1Mb) en español (pdf, 1.4Mb)
November 2012 (pdf, 2MB)

January 2013 (pdf, 1.4MB) 

April 2013 (pdf, 1.7MB)

June 2013 (pdf, 1.1MB)


Connections for the 2011-12 School Year

August 2011 (pdf, 1.8Mb)

en español (pdf, 1.5Mb)

November 2011 (pdf, 1.4Mb) en español (pdf, 1.3Mb)
February 2012 (pdf, 1.4Mb) en español (pdf, 1.1Mb)
April 2012 (pdf, 1.5Mb) en español (pdf, 1.3Mb)

June 2012 (pdf, 1.2Mb) 

en español (pdf, 1.1Mb) 

Connections for the 2010-11 School Year

August 2010 (pdf, 1.5Mb)

en español (pdf, 1.5Mb)

November 2010 (pdf, 943kb) en español (pdf, 1Mb)
February 2011 (pdf, 1.2Mb) en español (pdf, 1.2Mb)
April 2011 (pdf, 940kb) en español (pdf, 1.1Mb)

June 2011 (pdf, 1.1Mb)

en español (pdf, 1.1Mb) 

Connections for the 2009-10 School Year

August 2009 (pdf, 829kb)

en español (pdf, 1.8Mb)

November 2009 (pdf, 1.2Mb) en español (pdf, 750kb)
January 2010 (pdf, 845kb) en español (pdf, 1Mb)
May 2010 (pdf, 1.7Mb) en español (pdf, 1.6Mb)

Connections for the 2008-09 School Year

August 2008 (pdf, 1.4Mb)

en español (pdf, 3.2Mb)

October 2008 (pdf, 1.7Mb) en español (pdf, 3.5Mb)
December 2008 (pdf, 1.5Mb) en español (pdf, 3.8Mb)
February 2009 (pdf, 1.4Mb) en español (pdf, 2.8Mb)
March 2009 (pdf, 1.4Mb) en español (pdf, 1.7Mb)
May 2009 (pdf, 2.2Mb) en español (pdf, 4Mb)
June 2009 (pdf, 1.5Mb) en español (pdf, 6.5Mb)

Connections for the 2007-08 School Year

August 2007 (pdf, 1.7Mb) en español (pdf, 1.8Mb)
October 2007 (pdf, 1.1Mb) en español (pdf, 990kb)
December 2007 (pdf, 1.5Mb) en español (pdf, 583kb)
January 2008 (pdf, 1.6Mb) en español (pdf, 581kb)
March 2008 (pdf, 1.4Mb en español (pdf, 646kb)
May 2008 (pdf, 1.4Mb) en español (pdf, 11Mb)
June 2008 (pdf, 6.1Mb) en español (pdf, 4.8Mb)

Connections for the 2006-07 School Year

August 2006 (pdf, 2.3Mb) October 2006 (pdf, 2.3Mb)
December 2006 (pdf, 3Mb) January 2007 (pdf, 1.6Mb)
March 2007 (pdf, 1.5Mb) May 2007 (pdf, 1.6Mb)
June 2007 (pdf, 1.8Mb)

Connections for the 2005-06 School Year

August 2005 (pdf, 2.1Mb) October 2005 (pdf, 2.0Mb)
December 2005 (pdf, 2.2Mb) January 2006 (pdf, 2.2Mb)
March 2006 (pdf, 2.2Mb) May 2006 (pdf, 3.2Mb)
June 2006 (pdf, 2.8Mb)

Connections for the 2004-05 School Year

August 2004 (pdf, 2.0Mb) October 2004 (pdf, 2.3Mb)
December 2004 (pdf, 1.2Mb) January 2005 (pdf, 2.9Mb)
March 2005 (pdf, 2.7Mb) May 2005 (pdf, 1.5MB)
June 2005 (pdf, 3.3Mb)

Connections for the 2003-04 School Year

August 2003 (pdf, 938kb) October 2003 (pdf, 1.2Mb)
December 2003 (pdf, 1.8Mb) January 2004 (pdf, 1.3Mb)
March 2004 (pdf, 1.3Mb) May 2004 (pdf, 1.5MB)
June 2004 (pdf, 2.3Mb)

Connections for the 2002-03 School Year

August 2002 (pdf, 805kb) October 2002 (pdf, 1Mb)
February 2003 (pdf, 734kb) April 2003 (pdf, 533kb)
May 2003 (pdf, 622kB)

Connections for the 2001-02 School Year

January 2002 (pdf, 716kb) March 2002 (pdf, 567kb)
April 2002 (pdf, 668kb) June 2002 (pdf, 1.1Mb)

Connections for the 2000-01 School Year

August 2000 (pdf, 425kb) October 2000 (pdf, 363kb)
December 2000 (pdf, 372kb) January 2001 (pdf, 437kb)
May 2001 (pdf, 356kb)