The Puyallup School District is pleased to offer instrumental instruction to all interested fifth and sixth-grade students.  In band or orchestra, students will learn how to read music, play an instrument, and work together with friends to make beautiful, fun and exciting music.

The benefits of learning to play an instrument are numerous.  Research shows that students who participate in instrumental music perform better in their other academic studies, become collaborative "team-players," and can strengthen parts of the brain which only respond to music.

The Elementary Band and Orchestra Program takes place before the elementary school day begins.  Instruction takes place in the junior high school during their first period.  Students may ride the district's bus to their local junior high school.  After class, the students return to their individual elementary schools by shuttle bus.

In August, the directors sponsor a demonstration event at which time fifth-grade students may experiment with a variety of instruments and receive counsel on choosing an instrument.  Beginning in mid-September, these students will begin instruction on three mornings each week.

We invite sixth-grade students to continue in band and orchestra this fall.  These students will have instruction two days each week.