Employee - File a Claim or Report an Accident

The Puyallup School Board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operations of the District. Injuries and accidents must be reported to your supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately. 

If you have been injured while on the job and your injury does not require medical attention, please complete the Accident/Incident Report with your building supervisor. The completed form should be sent to the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Coordinator. There will be no further action required.


If you have decided to seek medical attention for your injury, you must submit an online claim at Puget Sound Workers' Compensation Trust. The District cannot provide a claim number until this process is complete. If you do not have access to a computer while at work, please check in with your building Office Manager for assistance. You may also use a personal computer and/or public computer with internet access. Once the online claim process is complete, you should receive your claim number. If you do not receive this information, please contact the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Coordinator. If your injury requires immediate attention and you do not have a claim number, please inform the emergency medical staff or Occupational Medical Provider, that your employer is self-insured through Puget Sound Workers' Trust. The Hospital or Clinic should have the necessary paperwork for your treatment.  

It is also required that you complete a time loss election form at the time of filing your work injury claim. This is a required form and must be submitted to the Human Resources and Payroll departments within 7 days of injury date. If the election form is not received within this established time frame, you may experience an interruption in pay. Please also visit our FAQ page for a description of your options regarding time loss. All completed forms can be faxed to 253-841-8650. 

If you have general questions regarding workers' compensation benefits, please read A Guide to Workers' Compensation and Benefits. For specific claim questions after filing, please contact your claims adjustor with Puget Sound Workers' Compensation Trust at 253-778-7667.