Employee - Work Injury and Compensation FAQs
Q. If I choose to not use my sick leave or any other leave, do I have this option?

A. Yes, the only time an employee has an option in reserving sick leave during an illness or recovery, is during a work injury recovery. All employees who have filed a work injury claim, should complete a time loss election form and choose option #1. This will stop the application of sick leave and will result in unpaid time during the recovery.  

Q. Can I supplement my time loss payment with my sick leave? 

A. Yes, any employee may choose to supplement their time loss payments with sick leave. Our payroll department is notified of your time loss payments and will calculate the number of sick leave hours/days needed to bring you to an equal day of compensation. Employees who wish to elect for this option will need to complete the time loss election form and choose option #2.

Q. If I am injured on the job, do I have to use my sick leave for missed days of work?

A. All employees who are injured on the job have a choice on how to use their leave, while missing days due to recovery. If employees choose to use sick leave for missed days, you will receive will receive the full value of the leave in addition to the time-loss payment. All employees who wish to use their sick leave AND receive time loss payments should complete the time loss election form and choose option #3.

Q. After filing my claim, what forms or letters should I take to my doctor? 

A. You should provide a printed copy of your "Providers Initial Report" that is made available after filing your online claim and electronically signing  your documents. You should also provide a Letter to Attending Physician  and the Insurer Activity Prescription Form. If you do not have these forms with you at the time of treatment, most clinics also have blank forms they can provide.  

Q. If Puget Sound Workers' Trust requires me to attend an Independent Medical Exam, am I required to use my sick leave?

A. No, If you have been asked to attend an Independent Medical Exam by Puget Sound Workers' Trust, please notify the Human Resources Leave and Accommodation Coordinator with notification of this appointment. The District will not charge your sick leave for time away for this purpose.

Q. If I am cleared by my doctor to return to work, but I have work restrictions, what should I do?

A. If you have been cleared by your doctor to return to work with restrictions, you should follow the instructions regarding our accommodations process. 

Please also visit the Puget Sound Workers' Trust FAQ page for additional questions and answers regarding work injury claims.