Northwood Elementary School
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Northwood Elementary Future DesignSite Analysis 1Site Concept 1 Perspective ViewSite Concept 1 Plan ViewSite Concept 2 Perspective ViewSite Concept 2 Plan ViewSite Concept 3 Perspective ViewSite Concept 3 Plan View

Site Analysis on the Northwood Site.

Site Concept 1 Perspective View

Site Concept 1 Plan View

Site Concept 2 Perspective View

Site Concept 2 Plan View

Site Concept 3 Perspective View

Site Concept 3 Plan View


1.2.2018: We moved a portable classroom over break.
12.12.2017: After our Bid Opening we have selected an apparent low bidder.
12.6.2017: Bid Opening Day!
11.8.2017: Bid Advertisement #2 went out today.
11.1.2017: Bid Advertisement #1 is out today.
10.20.2017: We have our constructability report in hand!

Project Details and Specs

Northwood Infographic