Second Grade CogAT Testing

2nd grade testing for Highly Capable program continues

We are currently testing all of our 2nd grade students in the digital CogAT 7; an assessment that screens for the highly capable program.  With the recent weather and school closures we will continue to test remaining schools this week and next. 

The Puyallup School District continues to look for ways to create access and equity for all students.  With that the Board of Directors has approved the assessment and screening of all 2nd grade students for consideration into the Highly Capable program.  All 2nd grade students will take the digital Cognitive assessment (CogAT 7) in early February.  The students will take a prescreen 40 minute test on a classroom laptop.  Our top 12% of students will receive an invitation in the US mail to continue on and take the post screener section of the assessment later in the month.  Permission slips will be needed for student to take the post screen examination.  Please watch your mail in mid-February.  Students that did not test in top 12% will receive their test results with their next report card.

If you would like to refuse or opt-out of testing please contact your school office staff for the form.

For more information on the identification process of a highly capable student please see the link for additional information:

For information regarding our QUEST program please see the link:

Highly Capable placement will be for the 2017-2018 school year.