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In the Puyallup School District, the goal of technology is to support and enhance student learning. Our software, hardware and network systems are selected based upon the needs of our schools and students. It truly is all about the learning.

Our digital learning platforms include Schoology, our learning management system, the Microsoft Office suite as a learning production software and several specialized software platforms such as CAD, Digipen and aviation software for CTE classrooms. Management and support software includes eSchoolPLUS, our student information system, BusinessPLUS for financial management and a variety of other platforms to support transportation, operations and facilities. Our team works directly with teachers and principals to ensure that teaching and learning are supported and the technology integration is seamless.

We also work to ensure student internet safety and digital citizenship. Our filters, while not perfect, protect students from the negative aspects of the internet.

Empowering Puyallup is our top learning initiative, beginning with a digital learning management system, Schoology. Beginning in 2017 we will provide a device for every seventh grade student, and eventually a device for each student in grades 4 through 12. The Student Learning department is developing digital resources in conjunction with Empowering Puyallup; as students receive a computer, digital resources will be in place for both teachers and students.

Dr. Mark Knight
Executive Director of Digital Educational Platforms

Mark Vetter
Executive Director of Instructional Technology

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Office Manager

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