Alternative Route to Teaching Certificate

With unprecedented growth in the Puyallup School District; and if projections hold true, we will see a high demand for additional teachers over the next three to five years. To give you some indication, we have hired more than 560 certificated teachers over the past three years!

Statewide, for the foreseeable future, significant teacher shortages are anticipated, particularly in Elementary Education, Math, Science, World Languages, and Special Education. The shortages in Special Education are particularly acute. This as a great time to enter the teaching profession!

The Puyallup School District has partnered with Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce College, and Northwest Educational Development to create several non-traditional pathways for our current classified staff, emergency substitute employees, and community members to become fully certificated teachers. Each of these programs is designed with the working professional in mind. Our goal in creating these partnerships is to provide a variety of options that are flexible, affordable, help prospective teachers apply new learning and skills in a practical manner, meet district need, and result in positive employment opportunities.