Work Injuries and Safety

It is the policy of the District to promote and provide safe, healthful working conditions and practices for all district employees. Safety and health are among our principle responsibilities.

In order to fulfill the conditions of this policy, the District will provide safety information and appropriate safety training as a means of protecting employee welfare. We aim to resolve safety and health problems through prevention.
Administration is wholly responsible for developing an effective safety and health program. 

The District has adopted rules and regulations governing the safe performance of assigned work and the use of District equipment. By accepting the mutual responsibility of safe and operating practices, we all contribute to the well-being of our personnel and subsequently the best interest of the district.

This Accident Prevention Program was developed in order to fully implement the District's safety and health policies. The elements of this program cover a broad spectrum of areas and are designed to prevent accidents and injuries. Taken individually, the program elements have minimal effect. As an integrated program, and with the support of employees at all levels, the Accident Prevention Program can reduce the number and severity of work related injuries to district employees.