Facility Reservations

The Puyallup School District Operations Department handles all scheduling of indoor facilities as well as synthetic turf fields at Rogers and Emerald Ridge from start to finish. Applications for use are accepted via email, US Mail, or in person at the Facilities Department from 8 am to 4 pm. Information regarding reserving a PSD Facility is detailed below. 

Please note: There is a new "Category" list and a new "Fee Schedule", as of June 10, 2017. See below in the "Forms and Documents" section.

 For further information about scheduling grass fields or Sparks Stadium for a community event, contact the Athletics Department at (253) 841-8785.

 1)     Contact the Operations Department to inquire about potential dates/times. Click here to email Heidi Ashlock or call 253-841-8758.

 2)     Complete a facility use application (below).

 3)     Return completed application form to the Operations Department at least five days before the first requested date. Applications can be submitted to Heidi Ashlock. Certificate of Liability and Statement of Compliance (Concussions, if sporting event)  must be submitted with your application before it will be reviewed. 

 4)     The Operations Department will apply applicable fees in accordance with the district fee and price schedule (below) and the applicant will be sent an invoice in a timely fashion.

 5)     Facility Use Application will be approved upon receipt of all items below:

        A)  Certificate of Liability naming PSD as additionally insured

        B)  Statement of Compliance (if applicable)

        C)  Full Pre-Payment of Fees (Facility Use Payment Instructions)


PSD Facility Use Forms and Documents