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Cathy McDaniel    Director of Transportation                       (253) 841-8775

Michael McMillan     Assistant Director of Transportation    (253) 841-8775

Chris Stavig         Office Manager                                    (253) 841-8775

JoEll Meek        Transportation Regional Supervisor                  

Rene Bierds         Transportation Regional Supervisor

Amber Biven     Transportation Specialist

Tammy Sutton     Transportation Specialist

Patty Sherrod     Transportation Generalist

Vicki Shutt     Transportation Generalist

Wally Lochrie       Shop Foreman                                   (253) 841-8776

Tina Rodriguez     Driver Trainer                                     (253) 841-8669

Mary Ann Blair Payroll and Records Specialist     (253) 604-3500

email address:  Call or email us if you have questions.