School Board Members

The Puyallup School Board consists of five members who serve alternating four-year terms. Board members are elected by the citizens of the district and serve the district at large.  


The Puyallup School Board sets policy for the operation of the Puyallup School District. This includes three general duties:

  • Formulate and interpret educational policies and approve the budget.
  • Delegate administrative duties.
  • Appraise progress of the district and evaluate the superintendent.

Board Brochure

Download the Puyallup School Board brochure which contains contact and term information for each board member, the 2017-18 regular meeting schedule, and guidelines for addressing the board.

Board Working Agreements

The Board and Superintendent are committed to work as a team.  Each year, board members reaffirm their pledge to abide by these Board Working Agreements.

Dane Looker

Dane Looker 
Position #2
Term: 2015-2019
Serving since 2011
(253) 535-2081

ImageKathy Yang
Vice President
Position #4
Term: 2013-2017
Serving since 2013
(253) 223-4017

Michael Keaton
Legislative Representative
Position #3
Term: 2015-2019
Serving since 2015
(253) 720-9532
Chris Ihrig 
Position #5
Term: 2015-2019
Serving since 2009
(253) 848-2380

Maddie NamesMaddie Names
Legislative Representative
Position #1
Term: 2017-2021
Serving since 2017
(253) 677-9404

(Elected November 2017 - taking the oath of office 12/11/2017)