Payroll Forms

Annual VEBA Conversion Form


Annual Sick Leave Buyout Form


Central Management Team & Principal Annual Leave Buy-Back


Direct Deposit Form

Complete the direct deposit form and attach the required documents to ensure quick processing.  


Flat Amount Direct Deposit  

Authorization agreement for second direct deposit

Form W-4 for 2018

 Form W-4 for 2017 

Payroll Timesheet

Ensure that you have administrative signatures before sending to the Payroll Department. 


Paystub Legend

Click this link to see a printable, enlargeable version of a PSD paystub. 


Personal Leave Buy Back Information

PEA,Principals, Assistant Principals, CMT, Prof Tech, Confidential, and Retirees of these groups.  Submitted to Payroll no later than June 13, 2017.

All Non-PEA employees.  Submitted to Payroll no later than June 3, 2017.