Capital Projects
The Capital Construction Division is responsible for all new construction, remodeling, and modernization projects. Small Capital Projects, infrastructure projects, and advance planning for future bond projects are the division's current focus. To review our current progress schedule for the 2014/2015 Life Cycle Projects please click here.

About Our Projects

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Contractor Information

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How do Our Large Construction Projects Work?

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Gary Frentress 
Executive Director of Capital Projects

Nancy Oliver
Capital Secretary

Kristina Keenan
Capital Secretary

Mike Meadows
Director of Construction

Frank Eshpeter
Assistant Director of Construction

Larry Vandeberg
Assistant Director of Construction

Les Gerstmann
Assistant Director of Construction

Frankie Topasna
Assistant Director of Technology Management

Andrea Goetsch
Capital Projects Expediter

Tom Shields
Construction Project Management Specialist

Connie Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Capital Projects & Public Works

Kim Newstrom
Capital Accounting Assistant

Katie Dickinson
Project Management Systems Coordinator

Brady Martin
Quality Assurance Project Management Specialist


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323 12th Street NW
Puyallup, WA 98371