Request to Review Records
Procedure for requesting to review student records:

The Puyallup School District, in compliance with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), permits each parent of dependent children to inspect and review the cumulative folder and/or supplementary records of their children. Specifically:

  • The parent should make a written request to the school principal, appropriate district administrator or designee identifying the records(s) he wishes to inspect.  
  • A non-custodial parent has the right of access to student records just as the custodial parent unless a court order or legally binding instrument terminating such rights has been given to the school. It is the custodial parent’s responsibility to give a copy of any such instrument to the school.
  • Under PSD Board Regulation 3231R, the review will occur within five (5) school business days after the day of request unless acknowledged in writing as to why there will be a delay. The written explanation will include an estimate of when the records will be provided. In no case will the review occur later than 45 days after the request is made. Note: For students with IEPs, records must be made available prior to any IEP meeting, a hearing, or a resolution session.
  • Inspection and review will be conducted during normal working hours, unless the custodian (teacher, counselor, nurse, psychologist, principal/or designee) consents to other arrangements. Custodians will provide assistance in the interpretation and analysis of student records as needed.
  • The parent will have the right to inspect or to be informed of the content of any record containing personally identifiable information regarding more than one student, provided that the right to access will apply only to that portion of the record or document which relates to the student.
  • The records must remain within district control, but they may be copied or reproduced by or for the parent or eligible student. Copies of student records that have previously been provided to the parent or student or copies of student records not normally provided to parents or students shall be charged copying costs of fifteen (15) cents per page paid by the person requesting the information.
  • The cumulative folder may include all information about a student which is collected and maintained on a routine basis, such as identifying information; attendance records; grades and progress reports; results of tests of school achievement, aptitude, interests, hearing and vision; health and immunization status reports; records of school accomplishments and participation in school activities; discipline records; and such other information as will enable staff to counsel with students and plan appropriate activities.
  • Supplementary records include information collected and maintained in connection with special school concerns about the student, such as confidential health information or reports connected with assessment and placement of student who is formally identified as a “focus of concern”; reports from non-school persons and organizations such as physicians, psychologists and clinics; reports pertaining to specific problems associated with the student; and current reports of psychological tests and progress reports related to a student's disabling condition.
  • The supplemental records for students who have been a focus of concern for possible special education services may be inspected and reviewed at the Special Services office.