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School Board Director Maddie Names and Superintendent Tim Yeomans celebrating with students at our Groundbreaking CeremonyExterior Design of the new Northwood Elementary SchoolFirst Floor floorplan of Northwood Elementary.Second Floor floorplan of Northwood Elementary.Northwood Gym/Commons DesignMain floorMore Groundbreaking PicturesMore Groundbreaking Pictures

School Board Director Maddie Names and Superintendent Tim Yeomans celebrating with students at our Groundbreaking Ceremony

Exterior Design of the new Northwood Elementary School

First Floor floorplan of Northwood Elementary.

Second Floor floorplan of Northwood Elementary.

Northwood Gym/Commons Design


April 17th, 2018: The grounds are still pretty wet. There is a steel delivery coming in today and the team has been working as they can. The first footing pour is next week. 
March 27th, 2018: Wet weather has temporarily caused the civil contractor to suspend footing excavation. Work continues on access road and utilities.
March 20th, 2018
: Our contractor is working on an access road for construction trucks. They will build the road, put a layer of asphalt, and use it for access once it is complete.
March 15, 2018: We officially have a building permit from the City of Edgewood!
March 12, 2018: Our scheduling kick-off meeting will be on 3/13/18. 
March 6, 2018: The contractor started working on the access road and put up fencing starting on the 1st. They have their trailer in place and they also started working on some of their retention facilities. Our groundbreaking was last Friday and it was a blast! Click here to read the news story and see photos from the event.
February 27, 2018
: We have our pre-construction meeting with the city this week and they'll issue our permit then. Construction starts Thursday! We will move the playground equipment this week. It will be placed at Waller Road Elementary with temporary fencing to keep students off, and then it will be officially installed over Spring Break. The old wood structures at Waller Road will be removed and disposed of.
February 20, 2018: We're still working through permitting issues. Our new playground supervisor begins work on 3/1 and we are having a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday 3/2.
February 13, 2018:
We're still waiting on our construction permit but it should be in any day now. We're putting a fence up next week and removing some play equipment to prepare the construction site. Our Director of Education Planning observed recess, student drop-off, and pick-up with the principal and gave recommendations on traffic flow ideas during construction. As a result, we hired an additional paraeducator to keep our students safe during recess time!

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