Community Connections

student bikeSecond CycleWhen one of our students was having trouble getting to school because of transportation issues, Counselor Andrea Owen looked for solutions  and came up with getting the student a bike. Thanks to Linda Dieckhoff, another counselor, and her connections with a not-for-profit bike shop in Tacoma – Second Cycle – we were able to get our student that bike at no cost!  Ms. Owen contacted Noah and Travis at Second Cycle and they jumped right on it.  Ms. Owen set a time with Travis to bring our student, Jared, down and get him fitted for his new bike, so it was field trip time.  On the way to Second Cycle the counselor and Jared stopped at the Puyallup Fire Station where  Jared was fitted  with a bike helmet which they gave to him free of charge.  Ms. Dieckhoff picked up Jared’s bike this weekend and it is waiting in the counseling office to be delivered to Jared. 
Second Cycle is a non-profit organization which works with youth and adults in need to educate them and provide them bikes at little or no charge. They are also a full service bike shop in addition to providing space and tools in the shop for individuals  --again at little to no charge depending on need. 

Puyallup Digital Learning wants to thank Second Cycle for helping us with one of our most pressing issues--transportation.