Important News and Updates
***Updated 4/26/18***

Approved Variance


In compliance with I-1433, the Districts Paid Sick Leave Increments of Use Variance Application can be found here:

As an employee you have the right to be heard by the Department of Labor and Industries during the variance application review process. In addition, you and your union representative may make a written request to the Director for reconsideration. You may contact the Department of Labor and Industries at; Employment Standards Program, PO Box 44510, Olympia, WA 98504, email:, phone: (360) 902-5316. 

 **** UPDATE:  Wednesday, January 31st ****

Today e-mails will be sent to all employees and substitutes district e-mail who use the substitute system:  employees to report absences and substitutes to receive substitute assignments.  CHECK YOUR DISTRICT E-MAIL!

Here is a link to the new Absent Management System:  Absence Management

The former substitute system, SmartFind Express, has been deactivated.  If an employee has an immediate need today for leave, call your Regional Substitute Coordinator.

NEW UPDATE 1/30/2018

Click on the 'Absence Management' choice on the left for updated information!

Important News and Updates: 

Puyallup School District

Puyallup School District

On February 1st Puyallup School District will be transitioning to a new substitute deployment/absence management system.

The District’s current system, Smartfind Express is no longer supported by the vendor and we are excited to transition to this new system which better aligns with our District needs and the system used by our surroundingschool districts.

 - A link to the new system will be posted on the HR Website on February 1st

 - If you are an employee, your current reported absences through the end of this year will be transferred automatically to the new system by the Substitute Services Staff. You will not need to re-enter your absence requests.

 - If you are a substitute, jobs you’ve already accepted through the end of this year will be transferred to the new system by the Substitute Services Staff.

 - Login information and updates will be sent to your PSD email account the week of January 29th

 - This new system will look familiar and you’ll notice many similarities to the system we are currently using.

 - Training videos and user guide links will be available on the HR website the week of January 29. Drop in training sessions with personalized support will be offered to you in February.

 - As always, your Regional Substitute Coordinator will support you through this transition.

Watch your Puyallup School District email account coming to you over the next 2 weeks with updates and login information.

If you need access to your district email account, please contact Help Desk at (253) 841-8600.

 Thank you.

Safe Schools Online Training*  

Newly hired substitutes must complete their training within 30 day of receiving notification that access has been granted. 

If training is not complete by your deadline, your substitute status can be deactivated and you may not be able to work until the training has been completed.

Helpful NEW Resource Provided:
Substitute Services Contact Information 2.docx


Emergency Substitute Teacher Information