Supt Yeomans

With the coming of the 2018-19 school year the Puyallup School District is once again celebrating the successes of its students and staff, as well as continual progress on capital projects and the expansion of many academic and co-curricular programs.

The district continues to support our students to all time success rates as students graduate with a meaningful plan for a post-secondary opportunity. Puyallup students entered the military, job training, two-year college and four-year universities in record numbers. Over the last several years as well, athletic teams from the district have been honored for excellence on the field and have earned the title of “academic state champion” 18 times since 2009.  PSD students are also earning honors regularly for their outstanding musical, artistic, athletic, and volunteer efforts as well!  This occurs in Puyallup due to the dedication of our exceptional certificated teachers, classified staff, and school leaders.

The district is currently in the process of working toward the completion of fourteen major construction projects as well as over one-hundred “life cycle” projects on our school buildings.  This is thanks to the outstanding support of our community and their generosity in passing the 2015 bond measure with over 69% support.  The projects will create over 2,740 new seats for elementary school students. Shaw Road Elementary addition project was completed in the summer of 2017. Hunt Elementary addition project will be dedicated in September 2018, and four elementary school construction projects at Northwood, Sunrise, Firgrove and Dessie Evans elementary schools will be completed the summer of 2019. The Pope Elementary remodel as well as additions to several junior highs and the construction of a new special education/alternative learning building will commence in 2020. All projects are on-time and on-budget! Our community continues to grow rapidly, and the district is deeply appreciative of the support that the voters of the community have shown to our schools.

The Puyallup School District Board of Directors was honored again this year with their 4th successive “Board of Distinction Award” for their outstanding stewardship of the district and the progress that the district has made in closing the achievement gap and providing services to our community as a whole. The school board usually meets twice monthly (once in April, July and December) at announced locations as well as holds regular work sessions on topics of policy, finance and overall district direction six times per year. The public is always encouraged to attend!

Over the last five years the district has made exceptional strides in the areas of academic offerings and opportunities for students to obtain college credit while still attending high school. These efforts will continue into the near future with the most notable initiative, Empowering Puyallup. All 7th, 8th and 9th grade students will receive one-to-one devices in the 2018-19 school year with this expanding to all students in grades 4-12 in 2019-20. Again, we wish to thank the voters for their support of innovation and technology for our students.

The district continues to be a great steward of the funds our voters have provided.  The board approved an interfund loan which smooths out the amount collected from taxpayers in 2018, thus reducing what would otherwise be a one year spike in tax rates. The district has an exceptional record of responsibility with our public funds and we continue to strive for the very high expectations set forth by the Board.

We in the Puyallup School District are especially appreciative of the partnership with our community and the support that our students receive from their parents and community members. Thank you for your ongoing support of our schools and the great work we can do together serving “each child” to reach their educational goals.


Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans, Superintendent
Puyallup School District

Dr. Tim Yeomans

Beth Kerrick
Executive Assistant

Casey Cox
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional & Organizational Alignment

Dr. Vince Pecchia
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Leadership and Professional Development

Corine Pennington
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Support Services

Amie Brandmire
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Employee Relations

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