Photography Process

Puyallup School District Photography Process


Puyallup School District has an approved vendor list for photography services for the following classifications of photography:


  • Elementary Individual and Class Pictures
  • Secondary Individual Pictures and Student ID Cards
  • Secondary Sports, Dance and Miscellaneous Photography


To view a list of schools, addresses and average student enrollment, click on the link below:


               Elementary and Secondary School List


All schools have signed contracts with vendors for photography services for the 2019-20 school year. 


We will begin accepting application paperwork for photography services for the 2020-2021 school year from 9/1/19 through 10/31/19.


Current vendors and pricing for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school year are listed below in the Approved Vendor List link.


Photographers who are interested in providing any or all of the above photography services to the Puyallup School District must:


1)      Carefully read the specifications set forth in the District Photography Contract and Specifications document.   These are the district standards by which all vendors must comply in order to be an approved vendor.


2)      Complete and return the Photography Vendor Questionnaire. The questionnaire includes a space for listing references and a Vendor Compliance Certification section.


3)      Receive approval from the Purchasing Department PRIOR to contacting any schools about providing services. 


4)      When chosen by a school to provide services, sign a District Photography Contract (supplied by the school).


5)      Upon approval, submit a Student Information Release Form to each school which will allow the school to release student information for photography identification purposes.


Vendor Approval Process

The Purchasing Department will carefully review the documents submitted by the vendor including the questionnaire, references, photographic samples and photo CD and/or ASB card samples (if necessary).

The Purchasing Department will contact the vendor once they have been approved.  The vendor will then be added to each of the vendor list(s) below for which they have been approved.



Process for Schools Contracting for Photography Services


1)      Verify the vendor has been added to the applicable Approved Vendor List.


2)      Complete a District Photography Contract and Specifications and forward to the photography company for their review and signature.


3)      Submit the completed, signed contract to the Purchasing Department for approval.


4)      Ensure the photography company submits a Student Information Release Form.



Approved Vendor Lists

The vendors listed under the following links below are approved for contracting photography services for the category they are listed under only:

                   2019-2020 All Vendor Pricing

                   2019-2020 All Vendor Questions and Answers

                   2019-2020 Secondary Sports/Dance/Miscellaneous

                   2018-2019 All Vendor Incentives

                   2018-2019 All Vendor Pricing

                   2018-2019 All Vendor Questions and Answers

                   2018-2019 Secondary Sports/Dance/Miscellaneous