Alternative Route to Teaching Certificate

Added for the 2018-19 School year:
The Puyallup School District has partnered with Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce College, and Northwest Educational Development to create several non-traditional pathways for our current classified staff, emergency substitute employees, and community members to become fully certificated teachers. Each of these programs is designed with the working professional in mind. Our goal in creating these partnerships is to provide a variety of options that are flexible, affordable, help prospective teachers apply new learning and skills in a practical manner, meet district need, and result in positive employment opportunities.

Any experienced paraeducator who would like to go on to earn a residency teaching certificate. The Professional Educator Standards Board’s Pipeline for Paraeducators Conditional Loan Scholarship can provide funding for paraeducators interested in earning their residency teaching certificate, who have a minimum of three years classroom experience and no college degree, with up to $4,000 towards earning their Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Washington community or technical college. Those awarded will be required to complete their AA within two years of award date, making them eligible to enroll in an Alternative Route 1 program to earn certification. They are then required to teach for a minimum of two years to earn loan forgiveness. The final deadline of this fiscal year is May 8th and a large pool of funding has not yet been used. This is the time to apply! More information on the requirements and responsibilities of candidates are available on the Pipeline for Paraeducators Conditional Loan Scholarship page of the PESB website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact or reply directly to this message.