Scheduling Sparks Stadium & Athletic Fields

The Facilities Department handles scheduling of synthetic turf fields at Rogers and Emerald Ridge high schools. 

For further information regarding reservations of Sparks Stadium and grass fields please contact the Athletics Department at (253) 841-8785. All requests for field usage and Sparks Stadium must be approved by Rick Wells, Director of Athletics, Health, and Fitness.



The PSD Athletic Office does not schedule individual school fields in the PSD for community users.  Each school building schedules their own facilities.


(1) The PSD Athletic Office will host a meeting for all the community users of outdoor facilities in early November each year.  Community organizational Presidents will collaborate with each other AT THAT MEETING as to which dates, times and fields they are going to apply to use.  All plans are charted and users fill out their own use permit requests to be hand carried or mailed to each school.


(2) Each user the sends the use permit request to the respective building Principal or Office Manager for calendar check, assigning, and signature of approval. Building Principals have the first right of approval or denial since they  know what the calendar of projected use is in their own buildings, i.e., student  plans, PTA use, Faculty functions, Fundraiser use, Booster Clubs, etc. 


(3) APPROVED use permits are delivered to the PSD Athletic Office for review against any district wide use ...if no conflicts ... PSD AD signs it.


(4) Users deliver the application to PSD Facilities who checks it against any district maintenance plans...If no conflicts ... PSD Facilities signs it.


(5) Facilities sends the three signature approved use permit to the USER for confirmation.


(6) Each and EVERY use permit request must be accompanied by a signed concussion compliance form and a certificate of liability insurance form when presented to the building principal for approval.


See links for forms:

Athletics Department/Sparks Stadium