New Work Order System

These priorities will be used in processing work orders in the PSD #3 Operations Department. The priorities are intended to serve as a basis of common understanding between the divisions and its clients with respect to level of service expectations.

Was Priority 1 in TMA Requests where immediate danger to health, welfare and safety of persons using the facility is serious and all breaches of building security. All fire or safety violations and repairs to fire safety systems or security systems (0 to 2 days completion goal).


HIGH PRIORITY: Was Priority 2 in TMA Work left uncorrected will cause serious degradation to existing programs (0 to7 days completion goal).


MEDIUM PRIORITY: Was Priority 3 in TMA Maintenance work for existing program, instructional, or building mechanical needs that can be held for short durations (0 to 45 days completion goal).


LOW PRIORITY: Was Priority 4 in TMA Maintenance work identified as non-hazardous and/or non-disruptive to existing educational program (0 to 365 days completion goal).

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