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Empowering Puyallup Initiative

Our Vision is….

Empowering Puyallup was created to increase engagement and achievement for all students.  Giving every student access to current technology empowers them to reimagine their learning and their future.  We provide teachers the tools they need to personalize instruction and prepare students for our technology-driven world.

  • We will provide the systems, high quality content and instructional strategies which empower teachers and students.

  • Professional development will focus on changing the classroom activities and strategies required for increased engagement and extended learning.

  • Students will have some element of control over time, place, path, or pace, via digital and online media to learn anywhere, anytime.

  • Parents will have the opportunity to become more engaged in their student’s learning and assessment.

  • We recognize the rapidly changing technology will require our vision to adapt on a regular basis.   

It’s All About The Learning

Our Student Learning Department is developing content and information using Schoology.  Over the next five years, we are transitioning from traditional textbooks to digital learning.  Many courses such as Civics, Current World Problems, 7th and 8th grade science, are already accessed using Schoology.  

Rich digital content is a powerful way of providing today’s students with high quality, relevant and up-to-date instructional materials.

Common features of digital content include:

  • Multimedia elements such as still images and graphics, video, virtual reality, animations, simulations, audio, music,  interactive, and gaming elements;

  • Embedded tools (survey, calculator, spreadsheet, etc.) to facilitate student highlighting, annotating calculations and more;

  • Additional tools (wikis, video/graphics editors, academic networking tools) to support collaboration and creation;

  • A variety of languages;

  • Adaptive and assistive technology designed to meet special needs;

  • The ability to be updated and enriched continuously and seamlessly.


Need to Know

Digital core curriculum is reviewed and recommended by district teams and approved by the school board.


Mark Vetter, Director of Innovation and Learning Technologies