January 2019 - What's New in Technology

All teachers now have Acer tablets

An effort that has taken about three years has finally been completed. Instruction and Technology is ever changing and the vision of Educational Technology is where a teacher doesn't have to sit at a desk to teach anymore. With the change from a laptop to an Acer tablet, a teacher can walk around their classroom with their computer and write directly on their computer with digital ink. This allows the interaction to be immediate and no longer at a desk.

Classrooms outfitted with Actiontec wireless display technology

As part of the work to give every teacher an Acer tablet computer, EdTec also put in Actiontec wireless display technology into every classroom. This allows the teacher to display their computer screen wirelessly to the front of room display. It provides flexibility and interactivity that has changed. The combination of the Acer tablet, digital ink, and the Actiontec makes the interactivity no longer at the front of the classroom. This also continues to allow the teacher to walk around the classroom while still displaying their computer.

Empowering Puyallup initiative continues to deploy student computers to elementary schools

With prior planning and funding from the district and the school board, Empowering Puyallup is able to begin the outfitting of elementary schools with computers based on the accepted intitiative. Grades 4-6 will receive 1:1 computers that stay in the classroom. Grades K-3 will have access to shared computers in carts. By doing this now, EdTec is helping teachers and students get ready for upcoming testing with providing more computers.

Partnership with State Auditor's Office regarding IT security

EdTec and the State Auditor's office have partnered together to take a look at the Puyallup School District's overall IT security. This is a great way for EdTec to work towards a safer or more secure technology environment that safeguards our student's and staff's privacy and information. With all the news on cyber security, EdTec is continuing to put resources towards a more secure technology infrastructure.

Continued SharePoint and OneDrive migration

EdTec continues to migrate the current Y drive to SharePoint Online and staff's U drive to OneDrive. This month EdTec will have moved: Ferrucci, Glacier View, Kalles, Stahl, and will finish on the 1st of February Edgerton and Stewart. This continued move allows for access to files anywhere, on any device, at any time. SharePoint and OneDrive are more secure and have more storage available than our traditional U and Y drives. This month finishes the High Schools and Junior High Schools. February will continue with more Elementary schools such as: Edgerton, Stewart, Fruitland, Zeiger, Shaw Road, Firgrove, Wildwood, Mt. View, Northwood and Pope.

Monthly Outages

There were four outages this month.

1. Emergency eSchoolPLUS maintenance on January 4th. Due to some data inconsistencies, EdTec had to roll back to an earlier backup of our eSchoolPLUS database. This outage lasted from Friday, January 4th at 3:30pm till Saturday, January 5th at 12:00pm. The data that is in eSchoolPLUS is critical for many things and EdTec works tirelessly to ensure that it is correct.

2. BusinessPLUS outage on January 15th. The BusinessPLUS environment went down on Tuesday, January 15th at 3:00pm. We are unsure as to why it happened. Our speculations were something in the database was not responding and froze all aspects of BusinessPLUS including Employee Online. We restarted the entire environment and all of it came back online at about 3:45pm.

3. Destiny Planned Upgrade on January 18th. Destiny came out with version 16.5 of its software. This helps us keep up-to-date, secure the software and data it holds, and release new features. The upgrade started on Friday, January 18th at 2:00pm and completed at 3:26pm. There was still an issue with reporting in the Current Checkout area of Destiny. We are still working with the vendor on a fix.

4. Voicemail Planned Upgrade on January 31st. Our Voicemail system was getting an upgrade so we can transition it to a newer version and a newer system. The upgrade started on Thursday, January 31st at 5:00pm and completed at 7:00pm. We asked that everyone checked their voicemails to reset the indicator light on the phone. Sometimes the light will be on even though their may not be a voicemail.