Decision Making

How is the decision made to reopen schools?

State and local agencies continue to provide guidance to school districts across Washington state on how they should plan for returning students.  The overarching expectation is for schools to open for in-person instruction if health and safety requirements can be met. In-person instruction depends on two factors; the health of our community, and our ability to meet health and safety requirements set by state and local health authorities.

In June we prepared for several different operational and instructional scenarios. The District assembled an 
Instructional Taskforce  to evaluate instructional models and a Health and Safety Taskforce to evaluate operational  aspects of reopening safely in the fall. 

The decision to return students to in-person instruction involves guidance and planning and will be made in coordination with our local health department.  Washington State Department of Health (DOH) guidance is specific to K-12 public schools regardless of what phase or county they are in. This guidance will be used to guide us on how to resume in-person instruction, and the  DOH K-12 School Decision Tree will guide our decisions about when we can resume in-person instruction. The decision tree notes permissible services, not mandated services. 

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Decision Tree