Decision Making

How was the decision made to return K-1 hybrid students?
The DOH Toolkit to Prepare for In-Person Learning guides our decisions about when we can resume in-person instruction for certain groups based on certain conditions. The guidance allows us to offer limited in-person learning to small groups of students with the highest needs, like young learners. In conjunction with this, there are a variety of safety measures and L&I requirements for staff that need to be in place.

Based on this guidance, we will continue to plan and evaluate several elements:
 • Current K-1 enrollment and those who have selected hybrid instruction
 • Space on school campuses
 • Additional staff required to support in-person learning
 • Health and safety supplies and logistics to support additional small groups

Despite high county rates, returning K-1 hybrid students to campus falls within the current DOH guidelines and aligns with our reopening dial. Our planning continues, as we evaluate the necessary staff, space, and supplies to extend in-person learning to additional students within these guidelines.

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Reopening Metrics

Decision Making for Secondary Schools

In November, a small committee of PSD educators was formed to begin planning for a transition to hybrid. Below is a summary of the priorities and considerations that guided their work, as well as the outcomes:


• Safely transitioning to “normalcy”
Social emotional well-being of all stakeholders
Academic learning


• Limitations of what is doable during in-person learning given social distancing
The implications of a mid-year transition
Equity of experience between learning remotely vs. learning in-person


• Current course offerings will remain accessible to all students
All students will be able to keep the same teachers
 An increase in live (synchronous) teaching