Mindset Matters
Mindset Matters Video Series
Posted on 12/14/2020
These times are difficult as we seek resources to support children at home academically, emotionally, and socially.  Now more than ever, we need to work together to create safe, supportive, and engaging environments.  But how?

In collaboration with Collin Henderson, the founder of Master Your Mindset, Puyallup School District is excited to release video vignettes giving parents, caregivers, and students the tools to cope with emotions and condition the mind to manage stress. 

These brief, but powerful, video clips will be released on a weekly basis via the District website and social media platforms beginning Dec. 14.  Tune in to hear information that builds:


Train yourself to have a limitless mind   
Train your mind to be resilient by learning how to be present in the moment.  In this video, Master your Mindset founder Collin Henderson, teaches us that shame and depression live in the past, fear and anxiety live in the future, and wellness and peak performance live in the present. 

This mindset training video provides questions and activities to do as a family—including three powerful tools you can use right now to improve resilience and mental wellness.  Learn how to be in the here and now with the best version of YOU in the present moment.

The Power of Confidence and Self-Talk
How do you train yourself to be confident?  Your belief in your abilities to perform a certain task is directly linked to confidence, but where does this come from?  Research shows that self talk is the number one source that influences confidence.  The most important conversation that you have each day is with yourself.  

In this mindset training video, learn how to master your self-talk through affirmations.  This will, in turn, influence your mindset.

Learn to Cultivate Motivation in your Life

The traits of successful people are Drive + Belief = Success, or D+B=S.  Mindset Coach Colin Henderson explains the three main roadblocks to motivation: feelings, procrastination and lack of clarity. How do you remove these roadblocks to cultivate motivation in your lives?

This mindset video breaks down the art and science of motivation, learn how drive contains five elements of proper goal setting.  

Coming soon:

• Jan. 18 – Connection

• Jan. 25 – Mindfulness

• Feb. 1 – Happiness